Shaping Tomorrow's World, Empowering Communities with Futuristic Eco Homes and Renewable Energy Solutions, Lighting the Path to Sustainable Progress

Green Homes combine cutting-edge design with eco-friendly materials, minimizing carbon footprints while maximizing comfort and our clean energy initiatives offer affordable, sustainable alternatives, harnessing the power of nature for a brighter future

NCDFCoop plans to work on 5 MW renewable energy project in Badagry. This initiative aims to uplift communities, drive sustainable growth, and lead the charge towards a greener future.

Our milestones reflect a legacy of empowering individuals and families through tailored homeownership experiences with 530 Homes delivered; 2,100 Families supported and 3600 Jobs created

Jobs created
Eco friendly home delivered
Families supported


Average environmental index rating

Stories From Our Clients

Empowering Families

“Embracing impact investing in Africa has opened doors to remarkable opportunities. The fusion of purpose and profit is driving tangible, positive change, offering investors a chance to make a meaningful difference while securing promising financial returns."

– Hareter Babatunde Oralusi, Chairman, Governing Council, London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics

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