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Affordable Housing Options

Cozy Apartments
Spacious Townhouses
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Renewable Energy Solutions

Solar Plants: Small (Upto 10 Kw), Medium (10 kW to 1 MW) and Large (over 1 MW)
Wind Farms: Small (Upto 100 Kw), Medium (100 kW to 5 MW) and Large (over 5 MW)
Biogas Systems: Small (Upto 10 m3/day), Medium (10 m3/day to 500 m3/day) and Large (over 500 m3/day)
Power Generation/Distribution: Micro Grids and Mini Grids & Grid Integration with national grid for wider distribution

Financial Assistance Programs

Low-interest Mortgages
Down Payment Assistance
Flexible Payment Plans

Technology Integration

Smart Home Solutions
Energy Monitoring Systems
Green Building Materials
Energy-Efficient systems
Waste & Water Management

Project Overview

In a visionary step towards sustainable development, NCDFCoop is leading a transformative initiative to construct a 5,000 MW power plant utilizing wind and solar technologies. This project aims to address the energy deficit, and provide essential electricity to the Badagry neighborhood for economic and social development.

NCDFCoop proudly partners with Siemens for this remarkable venture in Badagry. Together, they aspire to be key players in delivering sustainable energy solutions to Nigerian communities. This partnership signifies a commitment to efficiency, reliability, and environmental impact, aiming to contribute significantly to the socio-economic growth of the region.