Aves Residences

In 2013, the Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDF) initiated a landmark collaboration with Oyo State to embark on the development, construction, and delivery of 200 units of various affordable housing units. This visionary project aims to address the burgeoning housing needs of Oyo State by providing cost-effective housing options that do not compromise on quality.

Project Highlights

Oyo State


200 units

Affordable Homes


Initiation Date

Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDF) and Oyo State Government




Build housing units that accommodate the growing population and address the housing deficit.


Ensure that the cost of housing remains within reach for the residents of Oyo State.

Community Integration

Promote community development by creating spaces that enhance the overall quality of life.

Cultural Integration

The Oyo State project incorporates elements of local culture and architecture in the design of the housing units.

Skill Development Programs

NCDFHOMES is actively involved in skill development programs within Oyo State, providing training opportunities for local residents. These programs aim to empower individuals with the skills needed for future employment and contribute to the overall socio-economic development of the region.

Current Status:


Key Actions

Landmark Collaboration

 Initiated a landmark collaboration with Oyo State Government.

Housing Capacity Planning

Planned and initiated the construction of 200 housing units.

Affordability Measures

Implemented strategies to keep housing costs within reach for residents.

Cultural Integration

Designed housing units with elements of local culture and architecture.

Skill Development Programs

Actively conducted skill development programs for local residents.