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NCDFHOMES develops affordable housing and offers accessible financing solutions, empowering low-income homebuyers to purchase, sell, and own homes according to their preferences.

Affordable Social Housing Partnership

2012 - Ongoing

Signed a Public-Private Partnership with the Federal Ministry of Housing, delivering ...

Flexi-Home Ownership: Tailored Living, Flexible Choices

Through tailored financing options and quality housing developments, we are committed to enhancing homeownership opportunities for those in need.

Purchase your dream affordable home in Nigeria with minimal investment. The dream of owning a home is now more attainable than ever with the innovative concept of flexible homeownership. Imagine finding your ideal home, moving in without delay, and making monthly payments.

Let your rent work towards homeownership. Transition into your ideal home and rent it on a monthly basis while accumulating built-in savings towards a future down payment. When you're prepared, the path to homeownership awaits.

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Our milestones reflect a legacy of empowering individuals and families through tailored homeownership experiences.

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Homes deployes
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Stories From Our Clients

Empowering Families

I'm delighted to share my exceptional experience with NCDFHOMES, highlighting their unmatched commitment to accessible finance for property acquisition. Thanks to their outstanding support, I recently became a homeowner. From the beginning, NCDFHOMES impressed me with their dedication to making homeownership achievable. The financial complexities of property purchase were made manageable through their tailored and accessible finance options, perfectly aligning with my needs. The NCDFHOMES team exhibited professionalism and expertise throughout the process. They took the time to understand my financial goals, patiently addressing my questions (and believe me I had a lot of questions) offering transparent information about various financing options. This commitment significantly enhanced my confidence and informed decision-making. I recommend NCDFHOMES to anyone in search of a partner genuinely dedicated to helping achieve homeownership.

- Mr. Philip U. Ofoegbu

Navigating the rental market for years, owning a home seemed like an unattainable dream. NCDFHOMES changed the game by offering a unique opportunity for individuals like me. Their team understood my needs and financial situation, creating a personalized plan that made homeownership not only feasible but also sustainable within my budget. Now, as a proud homeowner, I can attest that NCDFHOMES has not only fulfilled my dream but has also significantly improved my financial outlook. The opportunity to move from rent to homeownership has not only provided me with a sense of stability but has also become a cornerstone for building wealth and securing my future.

- Mr. Olabode Samuel Akinbinu

NCDFHOMES provides access to quality affordable homes that has demonstrated throughout my home-buying journey. From the very beginning, they stood out as a reliable and customer-centric real estate partner. The team's dedication to ensuring that individuals, like myself, have access to well-built, affordable homes has been truly remarkable. The attention to detail and commitment to quality in their housing projects sets them apart in the real estate industry. It was evident that they prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to make the dream of owning a quality home a reality for everyone. One of the most noteworthy aspects of NCDFHOMES is their commitment to affordability without compromising on quality. The homes they offer are not only well-designed and equipped with modern amenities. It’s a haven of comfort and security. I Engr. Lateef F. Busari recommend them.

- Engr. Lateef F. Busari

As a customer, during the replacement of my loan, I had the pleasure of working with a team that truly understands the importance of making this process stress-free. What truly sets NCDFHOMES apart is their commitment to personalized service. I was treated not as just another customer, but as an individual with unique needs and preferences. The team went above and beyond to tailor the loan replacement to suit my financial situation, ensuring that the terms were not only favorable but also aligned with my long-term goals. The efficiency and timeliness displayed by NCDFHOMES in processing the loan replacement were remarkable. I felt a sense of security knowing that my financial matters were being handled by a dedicated team. Thank you, NCDFHOMES, for turning what could have been a daunting process into a smooth and comfortable experience

- Mrs. Sheila M. Johnson

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