Fostering Positive Change Through Strategic Collaborations at Grovesnor Energy

Our Collaborative Approach

Grovesnor Energy is proud to partner with industry leaders, governmental bodies, and local communities to create holistic solutions that address energy challenges and promote sustainable development. We value transparency, innovation, and shared commitment to our mission.

Strategic Partnerships


Our partnership with Siemens for the Badagry project exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Together, we're constructing a 5,000 MW power plant, integrating wind and solar technologies to transform the energy landscape in Nigeria. This collaboration stands as a testament to the power of synergy in achieving impactful, large-scale projects.

Nigerian Ministry of Environment and NCDF

In our historical initiatives, we've worked closely with the Nigerian Ministry of Environment and the National Clean Development Fund (NCDF) to provide practical solutions, including the distribution of clean stoves and accessibility to natural gas. These partnerships emphasize our dedication to addressing climate change and contributing to the realization of sustainable development goals.

Community-Centric Alliances

Our commitment to community empowerment is reflected in our partnerships with local communities. By engaging in open dialogue and involving residents in decision-making processes, we ensure that our energy projects meet the unique needs of each community. We view these collaborations as essential for creating lasting, positive impacts on livelihoods and overall well-being.

How to Partner with Grovesnor Energy

Whether you represent a corporation, NGO, government agency, or local community, we believe that together, we can make a significant difference.

Reach out to our partnership team to discuss how we can work together to empower communities, integrate renewable energy solutions, and contribute to a more sustainable world. Let's build a brighter future, hand in hand.

Thank you for considering Grovesnor Energy as your partner in driving positive change through sustainable energy solutions.