Royal Haven Residences

In May 2013, a groundbreaking collaboration was established between NCDFHOMES and the Benue State Government through a Public-Private Partnership Agreement. This visionary partnership resulted in the generous donation of 100 hectares of prime land by the Benue State Government, setting the stage for the construction of 500 units of affordable homes. This transformative initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to alleviating the housing deficit in Nigeria while championing sustainable and inclusive development.

Project Highlights

Benue State


100 hectares

Land Allocation

500 units

Affordable Homes

Public-Private Partnership Agreement




Develop cost-effective housing solutions to make homeownership accessible to a broader population.


Integrate innovative construction methods and environmentally friendly practices.

Community Development

Foster community engagement and contribute to the overall development of Benue State.

Economic Impact

Beyond providing affordable homes, the project contributes significantly to the local economy.

Education and Awareness Programs

NCDFHOMES is actively engaged in educational initiatives within Benue State, conducting workshops and awareness programs on sustainable living practices. We believe that informed residents contribute to the long-term success and sustainability of

Current Status:


Key Actions

Partnership Agreement

Established a Public-Private Partnership Agreement with the Benue State Government.

Land Donation

Received 100 hectares of land donated by the Benue State Government.

Construction Initiation

Launched construction activities in May 2013.

Community Engagement

Engaged in community development initiatives and educational programs.